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MRS manufactures safety padlocks that meet the requirements of durable, substantial, standardization, identifiable, exclusive for safety, and meet the specific standards of OSHA 1910.147 for lockout.
We offer a variety of keying configurations for safety padlocks to assist in safe and effective lockout, using a locking padlock to secure the locking padlock device in place, which prevents the energy being "locked out" from being used. To use the energy, the padlock and lockout kit must be removed.

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MRS Featured Safety Padlock

MRS safety lockout padlock your best choice, offering a wide range of products and solutions to meet the needs of our professional customers.

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MRS Safety Padlocks

Archival Management Of Keys

Our company can archive the code for each padlock and key, so that when the key or padlock is lost in the future, you can replace the padlock or key just by seeing the code, which will not cause confusion in the whole key management system.
Your Security Padlock Expert
MRS Security is a professional manufacturer specializing in safety lockouts, safety tags and signs, and personal protective equipment.
China Safety Padlock Factory
MRS offers various safety padlock designs, arranges molds and manufactures. When customers choose MRS safety padlock, they can get the solution of padlock with confidence.

Contact our technical team today for more details about our safety padlock.

  • Q What is the OSHA standard for lockout locks?

    A OSHA does provide guidelines for lockout devices in 29 CFR 1910.147, the Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) Standard. The standard states that lockout devices should be durable, standardized and identifiable, and that each device should be used by only one worker. The standard also requires that lockout devices be able to withstand the environment in which they are used and that they cannot be easily removed or bypassed.
  • Q Do lockout locks have to be red?

    A Color is not the only factor for the standardization of lockout and tagout (LOTO) devices. According to OSHA, a lock's shape, size, or color must be distinct enough to enable employees to easily identify and differentiate it from other similar devices, such as security locks, in the workplace. This helps to prevent confusion and ensure that the lockout device is used correctly for its intended purpose.
  • Q What is a safety lockout padlock?

    A A safety lockout padlock is a lock used to prevent dangerous machines from being opened during maintenance or repair work in an industrial environment. It is part of a lockout/tagout security program that prevents accidental activation of equipment that could cause serious injury or death. The padlock is made of durable materials and is designed with a unique key or combination that can only be used by authorized personnel.
  • Q Do you have a minimum order quantity?

    A Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity. If you are looking to resell but in much smaller quantities, we recommend you check out our website
  • Q What are your prices?

    A Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.
  • Q I couldn't find the products I want in your catalogue, can you develop it for me?

    A Yes, we have a research & development dept, we're willing to develop new products for you.
  • Q Are you manufacturer or just dealer?

    A We're manufacturer, we do products by ourselves. Welcome to visit our plant at any time.
  • Q Can I have some samples before formal order?

    A Yes, we can supply samples for testing before your order.
  • Q Could I put my own designs of label on the products?

    A Of course,we accept customized.


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