MRS security padlocks are specifically designed to be wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, standardized, reinforced and identifiable. Complies with OSHA 1910.147 standards, suitable for a variety of environmental and temperature conditions while providing stability. Available in a variety of colors and shackle sizes.


Keyed Differ: Each lock is opened by its own unique key which does not open any other lock in the set.

Keyed Alike: All padlocks in the set are opened by the same key - only one key is necessary to open numerous padlocks.

Master key: A master key opens all locks within the system while each lock also has its own unique key.

Grand master key: There are multiple sets of master key system padlocks, and a Grand master key can open any padlock in multiple sets of master key systems,each padlock cannot be opened by the other's key.

Valve Lockout Devices are used to keep valves closed during service or maintenance. Lock functional valves by installing a strong Lockout Device on the operating part of the valve, typically used to close pressure valves, to ensure the valve remains closed during repairs.

1. High safety factor, suitable for different manufacturing fields

2. The valve lockout devices have excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and solubility resistance.

3. Valve lockout is extremely easy to use and install

MRS Circuit Breaker Lockout Device is easy to install, safe and reliable, suitable for plastic housings and miniature circuit breakers, and can lock most miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers. Use thumb-turn knob screws to connect, no tools required. In the locked position, the dial is inaccessible to prevent disassembly. Security padlocks can be installed horizontally or vertically.

MRS Electrical Lockout Devices products ensure safe shutdown of electrical systems and prevent accidental energization. Electric locks include push button locks, rotary switch locks and wall locks.

Pneumatic lockouts prevent pneumatic accessories from being connected to a compressed air source and also protect pneumatic accessories and regulators to ensure that the equipment cannot be powered or used while servicing , thereby helping to protect workers.

These pneumatic locking devices are made of engineering plastics or stainless steel and can be used in conjunction with locks or for multi-person locking.

Lockout hasps are a key solution for safety locks. Multiple padlocks are used to isolate the energy of multiple people, ensuring that the energy is completely locked and cannot be operated until each worker unlocks the padlock from the hasp.

MRS Cable Lockout Devices are suitable for equipment that is difficult to lock using traditional methods. The handle or valve can be locked and isolated by securing the cable. Cable locking devices are ideal for industrial or commercial applications. It consists of durable yet flexible stranded steel, stainless steel cable with clear plastic coated insulation.

MRS  Lockout Tagout Station  wall-mounted units provide durable storage space in large facilities for securely storing locks of a variety of sizes and shapes. Most locking stations are wall-mounted, allowing the board to be secured in a fixed location close to the energy source so that the locking device is always available. Our locking stations come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate everything from hasps to padlocks.

MRS Lockout Tagout tags are OSHA compliant, provide safety and lockout information, are available in a variety of materials to meet specific needs, allow for custom tagging, and are durable and reliable.
Lock tags generally contain the following information:

1. Why lockout/tagout is required (service, maintenance, etc.).

2. Time and date of lock/tag usage.

3. Name of the authorized person to attach the tag and lock to the system.

4. Why lockout/tagout is required (service, maintenance, etc.).

MRS Lockout Tagout Kits are widely used across industries while implementing OSHA compliant lockout procedures to ensure worker safety while performing repair and maintenance work.

We offer a range of wearable or easy-to-carry portable locking kits, all available in different sizes and equipment, each suitable for the specific locking of industrial equipment.

Such as valve locks, circuit breaker locks, pneumatic equipment locks and other important accessories such as safety padlocks, hasps, tags and carry bags for all equipment. We accept customers to customize commonly used locks according to their own needs.

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