After receiving the customer's order, our purchasing department purchases raw materials according to the requirements of product design, and evaluates the quality and applicability of raw materials, environmental protection and compliance. After the raw materials are delivered, acceptance and inspection are carried out, and we have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the raw material suppliers, which can get better prices, faster delivery times, and better quality products, so as to reduce the problems and risks in the subsequent production process.
According to the production schedule, the raw materials and parts are processed. We use a number of large injection molding machines to produce various lock bodies, ultrasonic machinery press the lock body, and then trim the edges and corners of each semi-finished product, manage and track the produced semi-finished products to ensure their safe storage and timely supply. At the same time, the inventory of semi-finished products should be reasonably controlled to avoid inventory backlog and idle funds. We have a number of molds and have a professional design team, we can provide customers with design mold services.
Content of the first inspection: whether the product quality, size, appearance and performance of metal parts and plastic parts meet the requirements, and fully check the product quality.
Workers confirm each part in good condition, then they will relate parts assembled together, use the automatic labeling machine, improve the efficiency of labeling, reduce labor costs, improve labeling accuracy and consistency.In addition, we can also provide laser printing services, such as infrared laser, ultraviolet laser, UV laser printing etc.,Printing the customer brand name or unique code in the lock body, realize multiple management.
The second inspection: after the assembly, the workers will debug and test the lock to ensure that the lock core can rotate normally, the opening and closing operation of the lock meets the design requirements, and the product quality of the whole inspection.
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