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What is valve lockout?

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Valve lockout is this kind of very common specialized tool,efforts to realize the daily affairs and manufacturing requirements valve lockout are commonly used in practically food,clothing and housing.Today,the net editor would like to give the guys a detailed explanation of the valve lock,looking forward to letting the guys have a new upgraded understanding of the valve lock.

First,the definition of the valve lock

Valve lock key used to lock the gate valve,maintain the safety of gate valve application of this special tool.Its appearance is usually shown in the figure.


Second,the origin of the valve lock

Valve lock is the key for locking the gate valve,maintaining the safety of gate valve applications.Whether the valve lock application,associated with the need for safe operation,some gate valves are often open,some gate valves are often closed,which must take into account the safety factor in order to prevent operational errors,and therefore the design of the valve lock program.

Take you to understand what is the valve lock

Third,the role of the valve lock

Valve lock belongs to the industrial production safety locks of a type,the purpose is to ensure that the machinery and equipment with the gate valve is absolutely turned off,the machinery and equipment to maintain in the security situation.Hardware locks can prevent machinery and equipment accidentally start,resulting in damage or death,there is also another such purpose is to play a warning role.

Fourth,the types of gate valve lock

Common valve locks are divided into gate valve locks,disc valve locks,globe valve locks,rotary valve locks,universal valve locks and so on.

Gate valve lock key used to lock the gate valve,maintain the safety of the gate valve.

Globe valve lock is applicable to the locking work of the globe valve,can be stronger to maintain the safety of the globe valve.

Disc valve lock for universal specifications of all disc valve lock,stronger maintenance of disc valve power switch,to avoid accidentally touching the safety accidents.

Five, how to use the valve lock

To summarize,the valve lock is this common used to maintain the safety of the gate valve application of this hardware locks,its appearance will be slightly different,but also roughly the same.Valve locks are very many types,can be easily integrated into the many requirements of various fields,along with the development trend of high technology and processing technology maturity period,valve locks are doing very well,to win the warm welcome of many customers.

Around is about the basic condition of the valve lock in detail,according to the left and right content is expected to let everyone have a new upgrade of the valve lock understanding and know.


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