Safety Polypropylene Plastic Standard Gate Valve Lockout

Safety Polypropylene Plastic Standard Gate Valve Lockout

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The standard Gate Valve Lockout for effective lockout procedures in the workplace. Standard Gate Valve lockout device allow workers to close off or isolate energy sources such as electricity, hydraulic pressure and fluids.

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Standard Gate valve lockout ensures that any machinery that is valve operated stays switched off during service or maintenance work. Nesting halves rotate to form a hollow circular shell that surrounds a gate valve handle and combines with a padlock to help protect against accidental valve opening during maintenance or repair.

MZF01 Suitable for valve handle 1 “ to 2 1/2 ”
MZF02 Suitable for valve handle 2 1/2 “to 5 ”
MZF03 Suitable for valve handle 5 “to 6 1/2 ”
MZF04 Suitable for valve handle 6 1/2 “to 10 ”
MZF05 Suitable for valve handle 10 “to 13 ”
The design of MZF01-05 suitable for different valve sizes.



Products Name

Standard Gate valve lockout

Item No.





Red and others


Made of engineering plastic ABS


ISO9001/OHSAS18001/CE/Patent Certificate


1) Made of durable polypropylene for superior impact and chemical resistance.

2) Lockout accept gate valves from 2.5mm to 33cm.

3) The regular color is red, other colors can be customized.


Q: How can I choose the right size of the gate valve lockouts?
A: You can choose according to the diameter of the gate valve handwheel, or you can provide the picture with the size to us, we will recommend the most suitable size for you.

Q: I need the different color of gate valve lockout except red.
A: That is OK, we can provide different color as your needs.

Q: What is the material of MZF01-05?
A: We use ABS plastic and use a rust-proof metal rivet to connect the two halves.

Q: Do you produce it yourself?
A: We’re manufacturer, we do products by ourselves.

Q: What are the transportation options?
A:We can offer them by sea, air or international express.

Latest News

Since the company was established in 2012, MRS has been dedicated to the manufacturer and development safety lockout tagout more than 10 yuears.

MRS mainly supplies products of mining lamp, safety padlock. Lockout tag, electrical lockout, valve lockout, cable lockout, lockout kit, pneumatic lockout, lockout station etc.

MRS have certification of CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001,EX and ROHS, we have a professional technical team, we are constantly developing new products and accept customer customization.

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